Bomb calorimeter (Electronic firing unit with Printer)

Bomb calorimeter (Electronic firing unit with Printer)

Compliance Standards

  • IS 1360 part II : 1970


  • Consists of accessories such as calorimeter vessel, Water jacket, Offset stirrer, crucible, Fine adjustment valve with built-in pressure gauge, Ignition wire, Palette press, electronic firintg unit and other dedicated accessories etc Microcontroller based
  • Automatic measurement and calculation of CALORIFIC VALUE / WATER EQUIVALENT
  • JUMBO size 16 x 2 characters LCD display with backlight
  • Temperature Indication : 16 x 2 character Digit display
  • Temperature Indication range : 0 – 100 °C
  • Differential Temperature Range : 0 - 10 °C (Difference in water temp before & after firing the bomb)
  • Reading Accuracy of Temperature : 0.01 °C
  • Firing Voltage : 12 V AC
  • Thermal printer interface for printing the final result
  • Automatic detection of temperature rise & fall.
  • Automatic operation eliminates the requirement of operator to be continuously
  • Weight of tablet feedable through keypad by user.
  • Water equivalent settable through keypad by user.
  • Automatic alarm on Firing as well as after the test completes.
  • Memory storage for data
  • Dedicated PC Software

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