Electromagnetic Sieve Shaker

Electromagnetic Sieve Shaker


  • Used for particle size analysis in material testing laboratories, Civil engineering, Pharmaceutical Industries, Tiles Ceramic Industries, Cement industries, Education institutes etc

Salient Features

  • Vibratory actions move the sample all over the sieve in a unique way producing faster & more efficient sieving
  • Noise less, simple, advanced and accurate sieving operations
  • Tri-dimensional shifting motion
  • Continuous and Intermittent mode of shifting
  • Isolation of vibration from the work surface
  • Can accommodates 08 nos. sieves of 200mm diameter
  • 40 x 4 character alpha-numerical LCD display
  • Unit has 15 levels of amplitude upto a maximum of 2mm as recommended by USP.
  • The top plate of the sieve shaker has clearly marked calibrated lines to aid visual inspection of the amplitude.
  • Fitted with a special clamping device to ensure that the sieves are held firmly and allows them to be quickly removed and replaced.
  • Closed loop control of amplitude and validation independent of the load
  • Very low noise operation with low maintenance.
  • iTIME (Programmable from 10-99 seconds) for proper shifting of matter

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