Laboratory Hydraulic Button Press

Laboratory Hydraulic Button Press


  • To prepare test specimen by moulding in a specially designed sample die

Technical Specifications

  • Operation: Motorized operation of hydraulic press
  • Max. Hydraulic Pressure: Available in various capacities
  • Piston size: As per the selected capacity of the machine
  • Piston Travel: 50 mm
  • Pressure Cut-off: On/Off with Auto Stop Switch
  • Dimensions: 520 x 307 x 405 mm
  • Weight: As per the selected capacity of the machine
  • Power: 230 Volts, 50 Hz, Single Phase, AC Supply

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Available Models

Capacity Operating technology Model Nos.
5 tone (50 kn) Hydraulic Model TC-115H5
15 tone (150 kn) Hydraulic Model TC-115H15
25 tone (250 kn) Hydraulic Model TC-115H25
30 tone (300 kn) Hydraulic Model TC-115H30
50 tone (500 kn) Hydraulic Model TC-115H50
Capacity Operating technology Model Nos.
5 tone (50 kn) Electrical Model TC-115E5
15 tone (150 kn) Electrical Model TC-115E15
25 tone (250 kn) Electrical Model TC-115E25
30 tone (300 kn) Electrical Model TC-115E30
50 tone (500 kn) Electrical Model TC-115E50

Salient features

  • Leek proof design, Easy to operate
  • Yields better pellet quality, Low maintenance
  • Aesthetic exterior appearance, Powder coated body
  • Motorized mechanism with dedicated gear and drive system
  • Side plate construction integral with hydraulic cylinder
  • Pump is kept on one side for easy operation
  • Press mounted on a broad base for stability
  • Calibrated pressure gauge & high pressure seals
  • Safety mechanisms to prevent excessive ram stroke & excessive pressure
  • Equipped with Emergency Manual stop button to override the auto stop function.