Tiles Autoclave

Tiles Autoclave

Compliance standards

  • EN ISO 10545-11, ASTM C424, IS 13630 (Part-9)


  • To determine the crazing resistance of glazed tiles

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Salient Features

  • Triple safety against accidental over pressure.
  • Safety Valve / Pressure control switch/ Digital Temp. indicator cum controller
  • Design to work and withstand with 750 ± 20 kpa.
  • Simple in design and operation
  • Easy heater replacement
  • Calibrated Pressure Gauge
  • Inside M.S. Boiler, air insulation cover, Glass wool Insulation cover and outer cover
  • Special gasket is fitted in the grooves to resist high pressure and temperature.
  • Teflon coated boiling chamber - resistive against corrosion
  • Hard chrome plated autoclave lid - resistive against corrosion
  • Safety against Electrical Short circuit
  • Soak timer to regulate the autoclave timing independently, Need no manual shutdown
  • Available in various Chamber Sizes
Dimension Can Accommodate Tile Sizes
250mm Diameter x 300mm Depth 8 x 12”
350mm Diameter x 450mm Depth 12” x 16”
450mm Diameter x 550mm Depth 16” x 20”
500mm Diameter x 750mm Depth 18” x 28”