ISO 10545-12 Frost resistance tester

At EIE Instruments, we understand the importance of subjecting a ceramic tile to different test in a variety of conditions to examine its resistance. One such test is the frost resistance test which requires testing at extreme conditions for ceramic tiles that are going to be installed in areas with extreme weather conditions.

Our Frost Resistance Tester Range

The machine that is used extensively as a frost resistance tester is a ceramic tile deep freezer which needs to comply with ISO standards and is often referred to as ISO 10545-12 frost resistance tester. Our frost resistance tester has the following features:

  • Temperatures ranges from 20º C to –20ºC
  • Different grades of steel used for body and fabricating interior
  • Flawless powder-coated finish to add to look and feel
  • Consistent temperature across the interior of the machine
  • Provision for vertical tile placement
  • In-built tank for immersing tiles
  • Automatic timer for freezing, thawing, and immersing
  • In-built drain valve for ease of cleaning and replacing fluid
  • Ceramic tile dimension 60 x 60 mm
  • Automatic controller to avoid human error
  • Sensor-based operation

Our Add-Ons

An ISO 10545-12 frost resistance tester works well for most clients as is. But, if you are looking for something extra, we have that as well. We have a specially developed Software for our frost resistance tester that allows you to modify settings for a series of test.

You want more, we have something more. The controllers fitted in the frost resistance tester are completely programmable. You can freeze and thaw as per your requirement by programming the controller. This complies with the international regulation and allows you to perform the freeze-thaw test at an interval of 6 hours.

Our frost resistance tester is mostly sold in combination with other machines like dessicator, hot air drying oven, etc. This shows our versatility in terms of product development and delivery. Check out our entire range of resistance testers.

Our Advantage

It is not easy for a company to have different facilities for manufacturing and testing. But, at EIE Instruments Pvt. Ltd., we have an NABL accredited laboratory to test all our products. So, the advantage we lend to you is that all our products are tried and tested. The usual benefit of on-time delivery, quality assurance, and customer care remains our priority.

Partner with us for all your ISO 10545-12 frost resistance tester requirements. You can contact us at for more information on our products and services.

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