ISO 10545-4 strength tester

A ceramic tile needs to have a variety of qualities to perfectly fit in a modern house or a commercial space. EIE instruments offers machines that help test how the composition and strength of a ceramic tile. Our ISO 10545-4 strength tester help determine the bending strength and flexure of a ceramic tile under certain strict settings.

Our Strength Tester

An ISO 10545-4 strength tester is a broad category of strength testing equipment and it comprises a lot of machines that are designed for different types of ceramic tiles. Here are the generic features of our strength testers:

  • Operates of the modulus of rupture (MOR) principle
  • Noise and vibration free operation
  • Digital display
  • Electro-mechanical processing
  • Customizable rate of loading
  • Load capacity variations
  • In-built security features
  • Accurate results
  • Sleek design
  • Available for different tile sizes

Note: Different strength testing machines might differ in features mentioned above. Contact the team for complete feature list of the chosen model.

Our Add-Ons

EIE Instruments understand that every ISO 10545-4 strength tester is expected to perform to the fullest. To facilitate the performance of your chosen testing machine, we bring a range of optional accessories. The accessories include recommended stabilizer, Software, and Servo mechanism system.

Our bending strength machines work great in combination with 3 KVR servo controlled stabilizers. And, you don’t have to look for these anywhere else because we can arrange these at the market price whenever you want.

Additionally, we offer Software that can make it really easy for you to work with your strength tester. This means you can modify the testing parameters, record the results, set a pass and fail criteria, etc. without actual manual intervention. We also offer programmable systems that can alleviate your experience of strength testing with digital mediums and feedback generator.

Our Advantage

We know that strength testing is a crucial test and that is why we offer a range of machines that vary in sizes, testing niche, etc. so that you can test exactly what you need and how you need. We offer specialized and universal machines to take care of diverse needs. Check out our entire range of ISO 10545-4 strength tester equipment to familiarize yourself with our offerings.

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