ISO 10545-5 Impact tester

One of the most important quality of a ceramic tile is its ability to stay intact when it encounters an impact. While all tiles have different impact resistance, EIE instruments brings to you the right impact tester machines because it is important to know which tile can withstand more impact in comparison to the other ceramic tile. The right kind of tester can help you choose the right kind of ceramic tile.

Our Impact Tester

Our ISO 10545-5 impact tester is a ball release test apparatus which is based on the coefficient of restitution principle that helps you to gauge the impact resistance of an object. Our impact testers are loaded with the following features:

  • Complies with EN ISO 10545-5, IS 13630 (Part-14)
  • Body made from steel
  • Powder coated finish
  • Steel ball dropping mechanism
  • Chrome plated ball finish
  • Ball diameter ranges from 19 to 0.05 mm
  • Electrical operation including automatic timing device
  • Ball drop height specifier
  • Reading customization via controller option

Our Add-Ons

EIE Instruments understands that you might need a few additional features in your ISO 10545-5 impact tester and that is the prime reason for offering additional accessories that would uplift your experience while you use or impact tester.

We provide accessories like a microphone to measure the intensity with which the steel ball rebounds. This is an automatic way of recording the impact testing operation and gives your results an edge with authenticity. Including an accessory like a microphone can make the entire testing process a more valuable stage.

We also offer a thermal printer that is adept at recording reading from the testing site. This kind of additional functionality is a great way of keeping track of the tests results even when you are not on the site. You can contact us for in-depth information on these accessories.

Our Advantage

The biggest advantage that we offer to our customers is that we have a diverse product range and a network dealer that will cater to all your requirements irrespective of where you are. You don’t have to associate with local sellers when you have the manufacturer taking care of your requirement in the most personalized manner. Besides, you get to interact with a team of professionals who can guide you in terms of which apparatus would best suit your need and budget.

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