UV Viewing Cabinet Machine Manufacturers

UV Viewing Cabinet Machine Manufacturers

UV Viewing Cabinet Machine

Experience Clear Vision with UV Viewing Cabinet Machine EIE Instruments Private Limited presents the cutting-edge UV Viewing Cabinet Machine, designed for optimal viewing under ultraviolet conditions. With specialized viewports accommodating prescription glasses, these cabinets offer a comfortable and user-friendly experience. Our cabinets are equipped with filters to shield your eyes from harmful shortwave radiation and block the blue haze associated with longwave UV radiation, ensuring your safety during usage.

Why Choose EIE For UV Viewing Cabinet Machines?

Experience the power of advanced UV viewing technology with EIE Instruments Private Limited. Our UV Viewing Cabinet Machine is your reliable tool for assessing materials under ultraviolet conditions. Whether it is laboratories or industrial settings, our customizable cabinet models and various ultraviolet wavelength configurations ensure versatility and adaptability to your specific needs.

Choose EIE UV Viewing Cabinet Machine and elevate your viewing experience with precision, comfort, and protection. Trust EIE Instruments - Your partner in providing cutting-edge solutions for UV material testing. Embrace the future of UV viewing with EIE Instruments Private Limited.

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UV Viewing cabinet (P.E.I. Box) - TC-108

Compliance standards

  • Our UV Viewing Cabinet (P.E.I. Box) complies with international standards, including EN ISO 10545-7, ASTM C1027, and IS 13630 (Part-11).
  • EN ISO 10545-7, ASTM C1027, IS 13630 (Part-11)


  • The cabinet is ideal for checking the level of abrasion on glazed ceramic tiles, ensuring their quality and durability.
  • To check the level of abrasion on glazed ceramic tiles.

Salient Features that set our machines apart

  • Specially Designed Cabinet
  • Crafted by international standards, our cabinets guarantee precision and reliability.

  • Aesthetic Outer Appearance
  • Not just functional, our cabinets boast an aesthetically pleasing design.

  • Adjustable Feet with Hard Rubber Bases
  • The cabinets come with adjustable feet, providing stability and durability.

  • Uniform UV Illuminatio
  • Get precise and uniform UV illumination for optimal viewing of materials.

  • Comfortable Rubber Viewport
  • The soft rubber viewport viewing area provides comfort and accommodates eyeglasses for convenience.

  • Removable Bottom Panel
  • Easily place the cabinet over large samples or transilluminators, enhancing flexibility in usage.

  • Lightweight Access Curtain
  • The lightweight access curtain not only blocks external light but also allows for easy entry into the cabinet.

  • Contrast Control Filter
  • Our cabinets are equipped with contrast control filters that effectively block ultraviolet radiation, ensuring maximum protection.

  • LED Illumination
  • Equipped with LED illumination featuring a color temperature of 6000K, ensuring clear and accurate observations.

  • Power Supply
  • Operate the cabinet efficiently with a 240 Volts, 60 Hz, single-phase AC supply.

  • Specially designed cabinet in accordance with international standards
  • Aesthetic outer appearance
  • Adjustable feet with hard rubber bases
  • LED Illumination with colour temperature of 6000K
  • Supply : 240 Volts, 60 Hz, single phase AC Supply

Optional Accessories

  • Lux Meter
  • Enhance your cabinet's capabilities with optional lux meter, providing further accuracy in your assessments.