Automatic Universal Gauge Instrument Manufacturers

Automatic Universal Gauge Instrument Manufacturers

Automatic Universal Gauge Instrument

EIE Instruments Private Limited, based in Ahmedabad, India, is a leading manufacturer of Fully automatic universal gauge instruments known as the Plucometer TC-101FA. We design this measurement solution to adapt quickly to various measuring challenges, both internal and external. With a focus on accuracy and consistency, the Universal Gauge ensures superior performance. Choose measuring Instruments from EIE for precise measurements and experience the pinnacle of accuracy and reliability.

The Plucometer TC-101FA

The Plucometer TC-101FA meets compliance standards, including EN ISO 10545-2 and IS 13630 (Part 1). Its primary applications involve measuring length, width, surface flatness, warpage, orthogonality, and straightness of sides of tiles samples. Our fully automatic universal gauge instrument comprises two different Instruments. Each serves a specific purpose:

Tiles Surface Flatness and Warpage Measurement Apparatus

We have crafted This apparatus carefully to ensure precise measurements of surface flatness and warpage of tiles. The instrument's mild steel construction, powder-coated in attractive shades, provides durability and aesthetics. Equipped with various digital LVDT transducers, the apparatus guarantees accurate readings, while the centralized display allows easy access and analysis of the generated results.

Tiles Straightness of Sides and Tiles Rectangularity (Orthogonality) Test Apparatus

This instrument measures tiles' straightness of sides and orthogonality, ensuring the highest accuracy. Like its counterpart, this apparatus boasts a robust construction of mild steel, powder-coated for added protection. The digital LVDT transducers offer precise readings, while the optional dedicated software allows for customized test reports and graphical representations of measurements.

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Model No Accommodates Tile size
TC-101-FA60 600 X 600 MM Tiles
TC-101-FA80 800 X 800 MM Tiles
TC-101-FA100 1000 X 1000 MM Tiles
TC-101-FA120 1200 X 1200 MM Tiles

FA: Fully Automatic

Fully Automatic Universal Gauge (Plucometer) TC-101FA

Compliance standards

  • EN ISO 10545 -2, IS 13630 (Part 1)


  • For measurement of Length/width, Surface flatness, Warapge, Orthogonality and straightness of sides of tiles samples.


Entire setup comprises of two different instruments as per following

  • Tiles surface flatness and warpage measurement apparatus
  • Tiles straightness of sides and Tiles rectangularity (Orthogonality) test apparatus

Key Features of Automatic Universal Gauge Instrument

  • All-In-One Solution
  • The TC-101FA offers an all-in-one solution for multiple measurements, including Rectangularity (Orthogonality), Flatness, Warpage, and Straightness of sides, aligning with industry standards. It has an accuracy: ± 0.01 mm (1/100 mm) and can measure: 100 x 100 to 600 x 600 mm tile sizes.

  • Advanced LVDT Transducers
  • With six different digital LVDT transducers, our instrument ensures precise and accurate measurement results with minimal deviation.

  • Efficient Fixing System
  • The LVDT fixing system for simplicity, ease, and reduced setup time.

  • Centralized Display
  • All LVDT readings transferred to a centralized display screen provide a comparison of the generated results across six different channels to an operator.

  • User-Friendly Software
  • Enhance data acquisition and analysis with our optional dedicated software. Operable in various Windows environments, the software allows customization of company information, logos, and test reports complying with EN ISO standards.

  • Superior Build
  • The TC-101FA boasts a sturdy construction with mild steel powder-coated in attractive shades, an aluminum Ergal hard-anodized ground working plate, and stainless steel/mild steel supporting structure.

  • One single instrument can make all the measurements – Rectangularity (Orthogonality), Flatness, Warpage & Straightness of sides as suggested by the standard.
  • 06 different digital LVDT Transducers to offer precise and accurate measurement results with very little deviation factor.
  • Simple, easy and less time consuming LVDT fixing system.
  • Readings from all 06 LVDT transferred to central controlled display screen, where an operator can analyse the generated results in 06 different channels.
  • An operator can make easy & effortless comparison between each of the generated readings.
  • Tare facility for each LVDT is available in respective controller channel.
  • Accuracy : ± 0.01 mm (1/100 mm)
  • Can measure : 100 x 100 to 600 x 600 mm tile sizes
  • Supplied complete with locating studs and Allen keys
  • Aluminum Ergal hard anodized ground working plate
  • Stainless Steel/Mild Steel Supporting structure
  • System can also be supplied with dedicated software part for data acquisition and analysis purpose (Available at extra cost - see optional accessories)

Description of Data Acquisition Software

  • Software in a Windows environment with guided installation instructions.
  • Can operate in all versions of Windows operating system except Windows 98, Windows 2000, and DOS System.
  • An operator can customize company information and logos as per his requirement
  • An operator can also customize and create test reports complying with EN ISO standards.
  • User can also create, display, and print charts of all measurements made.
  • Attractive and intuitive graphics to make usage easy.
  • A single window on the software screen with 6 virtual displays for reading comparator (Digital Gauge) information in real-time.