Ceramic laboratory testing equipment

EIE Instruments knows that in ceramic tile industry, one of the best ways of acquiring customers is to deliver quality. And, the perfect way to ensure that your products meet the requirements is to use EIE’s ceramic laboratory testing equipment which will help you test different aspects of your ceramic tile.

Our Ceramics Laboratory Instruments

We offer a diverse range of ceramic laboratory equipment. All our apparatuses are tested for accuracy and quality before we deliver those to you. Here is a brief list of our equipment:

  • ISO 10545 ceramic testing instruments
  • IS 13630 ceramic testing instruments
  • Dimension gauging instruments
  • Density and absorption testing instruments
  • Bending strength testing instruments
  • Frost testing instruments
  • Impact testing instruments
  • Abrasion and thermal testing instruments
  • Skid resistance testing instruments

Note: Each of the instruments mentioned above is a broad category and have many different models and apparatuses under it. Please fill up the enquiry form for detailed brochure.

Our Add-Ons

At EIE, we intend to provide end-to-end solutions to our customers. Therefore, besides a full-fledged range of ceramic laboratory testing equipment, we also offer optional accessories that can take testing to new heights and provide accurate results with minimal efforts.

Our ISO 10545 ceramic testing equipment and IS 13630 ceramic testing equipment can be bought with additional attachments like microphone with impact testing equipment to capture the rebound number or stabilizers with strength bending machines for flawless operation.

Our ceramics laboratory instruments are compatible with Software that can help you set testing guidelines, modify them from one product to another permanently or temporarily. We also offer customization options if required by the client to deliver custom solutions that will fit your requirement.

Our Advantage

We believe that our strength lies in providing a holistic range of ceramic laboratory equipment which includes ISO 10545 ceramic testing instruments and IS 13630 ceramic testing instruments. We can be a one -stop shop for all your testing apparatus needs and you would not have to worry about coordinating with multiple associates for a variety of needs. We have catered to clients from across the country and have a well-established dealer network to take care of all types of service and repair requests.

To know more about our ISO 10545 ceramic testing equipment and IS 13630 ceramic testingequipment, write to us at service@eieinstruments.com.

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