Coefficient of restitution tester

When it is about choosing the right ceramic tile tester, it should be about associating with EIE Instruments Pvt. Ltd. Our state-of-art infrastructure and specialized research and development team ensures that our equipment adhere to well-established testing principles that are scientifically acknowledged and have proven results.

Our Coefficient of Restitution Tester

Coefficient of restitution is a well-accepted principle that is mainly used to test impact between two objects. We make use of this principle to design apparatus that can measure the impact on ceramic tiles and the aftermaths. Our coefficient of restitution tester is:

  • Designed to perfectly fit in your labs
  • Fabricated with steel
  • Finished with powder-coating
  • Equipped with a steel ball with chrome finish
  • Based on ball drop testing mechanism
  • Laced with timing device for measuring intervals
  • Capable of providing direct readings through controlled reader
  • Perfect for testing with drop height of 1m

Note: These features might differ from one model to another. Please contact our support team for complete list of features.

Our Add-Ons

While coefficient of restitution is a renowned principle usually self-capable of providing exact results. But, there are accessories that can work in combination with a coefficient of restitution tester to eliminate hassles from the impact testing procedures.

EIE has created a microphone that works in tandem with the tester to measure the rebound number. We also have a thermal printer that can take readings from the site. The thermal printer works with the fully automatic version of the tester. Microphone on the other hand works well with almost all the models to deliver quality results.

We use best material to create the apparatus and also the add-ons. We also offer machine components in case of damage or lost parts. This will save you from having to coordinate with different partners for equipment and others for parts. In this case, we offer steel ball with various diameter that can either be a spare part or an additional accessory.

Our Advantage

EIE Instruments gets an edge above other manufacturers because of its dedicated manufacturing facility and an independent laboratory that is exclusively used to test the apparatus that we deliver to our clients. Without fail, we promise to deliver quality that has been tested independently. By associating with us, you get a commitment of quality and timely delivery along with the expertise and guidance.

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