Impact resistance of ceramic tile

EIE Instruments has been a pioneer in creating machines and apparatus to test different aspects of a ceramic tile. This includes testing the impact resistance of ceramic tile, frost resistance, bending strength, etc. While each of the test has its importance, impact resistance is slightly more crucial than others. Because ceramic tiles are exposed to a variety of elements, it is important for them to be sturdy. And, what better way to check their sturdiness than our impact resistance testers.

Our Impact Resistance Testers for Ceramic Tiles

The best way to check impact resistance of ceramic tileis to have an apparatus that can hit the ceramic tile with the required intensity and then check the impact. We have mastered the art of creating such an apparatus that will perfectly work for everyone. Here are some features of our impact resistance tester:

  • Works of coefficient of restitution principle
  • Comes with a sturdy main machine and a steel ball for impact
  • Diameter of ball varies from 19 ± 0.05 mm
  • The ball is chrome plated
  • The height of ball drop can be adjusted up to 1 m.
  • Steel body with powder-coated finish
  • Slender and sleek design
  • In-built device to track time between impact intervals

Note: The features listed above are for generic purposes and might vary from model to model.

Our Add-Ons

To alleviate your experience of testing impact resistance for ceramic tile, we offer top-up accessories that can work wonders and make testing a hassle-free process. We provide microphones and thermal printers that uniquely contributes in the testing.

The microphone acts as an automatic aide to capture the rebound number which will help you understand in detail the number of times the impact was made after the ball was dropped. This can be crucial in gauging the resistance to the impact.

The thermal printers are another innovative approach to making ceramic tile testing a success. These can be used to record reading on site and provide a clear report to the testing in charge. There is no room for error in recording and that is exactly what our thermal printers do.

Our Advantage

We take pride in offering equipment that are cutting-edge and compliant with all parts of the approving authorities. This makes our machines perfect for exports. Besides, our industry reputation that we have built by working day and night ensures that you are never abandoned.

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