Modulus of rupture testing machine

EIE Instruments Pvt. Ltd. has been in business for over four decades and it knows the importance of science in testing. Relying on scientific principles, we create testing machines that provide accurate results. Our range of ceramic tile testing equipment is primarily based on modulus of rupture or coefficient of restitution.

Our Modulus of Rupture Testing Machines

Modulus of rupture is used to test the strength of a material. In ceramic tile testing, a modulus of rupture testing machinehelps test the bending strength. Our machines which are based on the modulus of rupture principle have the following features:

  • Compliant with EN ISO: 10545 (Part - 4), IS: 13630 (Part - 6)
  • Aesthetically designed with flawless finish
  • Digital and silent operation
  • Varying load capacity
  • Diverse ceramic tile size
  • Full scale accuracy
  • Automatic stop and reverse functioning
  • Features centered around rate of loading
  • Comes with protective guards for additional security
  • Test unit selection feature
  • Available for green or fired ceramic bars

Our Add-Ons

As your partner for testing equipment, we endeavor to provide effortless and automatic testing experience. But, we do understand that manual intervention is important at times. Therefore, our machines come in automatic and semi-automatic variations to minimize effort.

We also offer add-ons that can lift the quotient of your testing process. A completely programmable closed-loop servo mechanism system is one of the additions that when made to your testing process will speak for itself. This system allows you to encode and record feedback on the strength of a particular tile.

We also offer a Software that help you program the machine to achieve desired results. All you need to do is plug in the Software and modify the testing norms for your modulus of rupture testing machine. You can use the Software to make permanent or temporary modifications. These can be changed in future using the Software.

Our Advantage

When relying on a scientific principle, you need to be sure that your manufacturer is well-aware of what it is. At EIE, our team of professionals are engineers who are well-aware of all the intricacies involved in creating a machine that is further going to test ceramic tiles for strength, flexure, etc. We pay extreme attention to adherence to industry standards and have all the proper certifications to prove that we are serious about our business.

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