Tiles Autoclave Machine Manufacturer

Tiles Autoclave Machine Manufacturer

Tiles Autoclave Machine

Precise Tiles Testing Autoclave for Superior Results

EIE Instruments Private Limited brings you exclusively designed Tiles Autoclave machines, catering to the tiles industry's exacting requirements. Our autoclave units ensure precise results that conform to the highest standards. With durable construction using MS or Stainless-Steel housing chambers, these machines excel even in the toughest conditions. Mounted on a sturdy supporting frame and enclosed in a heat-insulated metal housing with finished paint, our autoclave units guarantee efficiency and reliability.

Embrace the future of quality assurance with EIE Instruments Private Limited. Our autoclave machines empower industries with reliable and efficient sterilization solutions. Benefit from advanced features, exceptional performance, and customizable options. Trust EIE Instruments - Your partner for elevating quality and efficiency with cutting-edge autoclave technology.

Certified Tiles Autoclave Machine Manufacturer in India

As an ISO and CE-certified leading manufacturer of autoclaves in India, we meet stringent sterilization requirements in hospitals, pharmaceutical laboratories, and more. From general sterilization applications to specialized needs, our autoclave machines deliver reliable results with simple operation and minimal maintenance.

Tiles Autoclave Tc-112: Empowering Quality Assurance

Our Tiles Autoclave TC-112 combines precision and durability, ensuring flawless tiles testing. With user-friendly controls and robust construction, it is the ideal choice for industrial applications. Experience unmatched performance and safety with EIE Instruments Private Limited's autoclave machines.

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Tiles Autoclave TC -112

Compliance standards

  • Our Tiles Autoclave TC-112 complied with international standards, including EN ISO 10545-11, ASTM C424, and IS 13630 (Part-9). It determines the crazing resistance of glazed tiles, ensuring the highest quality standards.
  • EN ISO 10545-11, ASTM C424, IS 13630 (Part-9)


  • To determine the crazing resistance of glazed tiles

Salient Features

  • Triple Safety Mechanism
  • Our autoclave machines boast triple safety measures against accidental overpressure, ensuring user safety.

  • Advanced Control System
  • Equipped with a safety valve, pressure control switch, and digital temperature indicator cum controller, our autoclave provides precise control over the sterilization process.

  • Robust Design
  • We have crafted Our autoclaves to withstand and operate under 750 ± 20 kPa, making them suitable for tough industrial conditions.

  • User-Friendly
  • Simple in design and operation, our autoclave machines are easy to use, requiring low maintenance.

  • Corrosion-Resistant
  • Our autoclaves withstand harsh conditions as it's built is corrosion-resistant materials.

  • Swift Sterilization Process
  • Enjoy a low sterilization process time, optimizing efficiency without compromising on quality.

  • Customizable Options
  • We offer a full range of options and accessories, allowing customization to suit your needs.

  • CE & ISO Certified
  • Rest assured of the highest quality since our autoclaves are CE and ISO certified.

  • Triple safety against accidental over pressure.
  • Safety Valve / Pressure control switch/ Digital Temp. indicator cum controller
  • Design to work and withstand with 750 ± 20 kpa.
  • Simple in design and operation
  • Easy heater replacement
  • Calibrated Pressure Gauge
  • Inside M.S. Boiler, air insulation cover, Glass wool Insulation cover and outer cover
  • Special gasket is fitted in the grooves to resist high pressure and temperature.
  • Teflon coated boiling chamber - resistive against corrosion
  • Hard chrome plated autoclave lid - resistive against corrosion
  • Safety against Electrical Short circuit
  • Soak timer to regulate the autoclave timing independently, Need no manual shutdown

Available in various Chamber Sizes

Model No Dimension (Dia x Depth) Accommodates Tile size
TC-112-D15 250 mm dia x 300 mm depth 8” x 12”
TC-112-D43 350 mm dia x 450 mm depth 12” x 16”
TC-112-D87 450 mm dia x 550 mm depth 16” x 20”
TC-112-D147 500 mm dia x 750 mm depth 18” x 28”

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