Tiles ceramic testing instruments

Ceramic tiles have been enhancing the looks of our properties for quite some time. And, we at EIE Instruments have been enhancing the ceramic tile testing processes in the background. We have a range of more than 75 ceramic tiles testing equipment that can easily help you test various qualities of a tile from material composition to finish.

Our Tiles Ceramic Testing Instruments

All our tiles ceramic testing equipment are compliant with ISO standards and we think that this is mark of pure genuineness. We have a variety of products with amazing features and here is a brief gist of our tiles ceramic testing equipment.

  • Diverse machines for testing bending, reflection, dimension accuracy, etc.
  • Instruments for testing resistance to impact, frost, abrasion, etc.
  • Aesthetically designed with focus on finishing for longevity
  • Automatic and semi-automatic operation
  • Lightweight and easy to operate
  • Digital display with LCD screen (in selected models)
  • Accurate results backed by compliance to international standards
  • Various models for different sizes of ceramic tiles
  • In-built security and customizable features
  • Different machines for green or fired ceramic bars

Note: Check out our range of ceramic tiles testing equipment products for in-depth detail about the industry application and features.

Our Add-Ons

Ceramic tile testing requires dedicated place and staff. That is the reason we provide laboratory setting up services and staff training workshops. We help you select the right our tiles ceramic testing equipment and train your staff on how to operate these machines without hassles.

We also provide custom services for clients who feel that they need a special testing machine developed for their business operation. We undertake sponsored survey for research and development to deliver the right product to you and also to assure you that the one we develop is not readily available.

Besides, we also have a range of additional accessories that are compatible with our machines. These accessories can simply be plugged in to accentuate the testing process. You can either buy these accessories with the machines or at a later stage.

Our Advantage

We are a perfect blend of experience, knowledge, exposure, and professional commitment. Our industry presence is vast and vision is vaster. We have a list of happy clients who can vouch for our services and do not want to engage with anyone but us for their tiles ceramic testing instruments needs.

For additional details on our range of testing equipment, e-mail us at service@eieinstruments.com.

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