Tiles testing instruments

EIE Instruments Pvt. Ltd is a well-established name in the tiles testing equipment industry. Over the course of 40 years in the industry, we have pioneered the science of crafting instruments based on principles like modulus of rupture and coefficient of restitution to deliver accurate results that ultimately means best quality for customers.

Our Tiles Testing Instruments

A ceramic tile is required to undergo certain tests before it is deemed fit for a purpose. At EIE, we manufacture instruments that can test all aspects of a ceramic tile from strength to impact, absorption to skid resistance, etc. Here is a broad categorization of our tiles testing equipment.

  • Impact resistance testers
  • Bending strength testers
  • Frost resistance testers
  • Thermal testers
  • Water Absorption testers
  • Dimensions testers
  • Abrasion-prone testers
  • Universal testers
  • Flexure testers

Note: All our testing apparatus is ISO certified and compliant with the specified parts of the certification module.

Our Add-Ons

Our range of tiles testing instruments are a unique blend of automatic and manual versions. Depending on your range, you can opt for a fully automatic machine, semi-automatic, or even manual versions. Almost of these versions come with a range of add-on accessories that can enhance your testing processes and help you create your very own testing laboratory.

Our range of add-ons include plug-in accessories and Software that can come in handy for your testing team. The Software can help you customize the testing parameter and achieve results with simple modifications in how you want things to be.

The plug-in accessories and also the machine parts can help you use your apparatus in different ways. For example, our impact testing apparatus has a steel ball. You can experiment with balls of different diameters to gauge the impact of the hit. This is just one example of many varieties we offer.

Our Advantage

When you associate with us, you don’t work with just a manufacturer but a team of experts who know exactly what ceramic tile testing requires. Our consultation and survey services can be availed of in case you are unsure of what kind of instrument would best suit your ceramic tile testing. Our sponsored survey service can help you build the right type of instrument specifically for your company with all rights reserved.

For complete list of our tiles testing instruments or a brochure with features of our machines, contact us at service@eieinstruments.com.

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