Bending strength testing machine

Gone are the days when strength testing was a limited to manual touches, it is the time to go automatic with a bending strength testing machine from EIE Instruments Pvt. Ltd. Our strength testing machines are crafted after an in-depth research on the industry application and the product that will be tested. This unique R&D makes our machines a perfect fit for testing strengths of different materials.

Our Bending Strength Testing Machines

We provide a variety of strength testing machines which fall in the category of Modulus of Rupture briefly and popularly known as the MOR. Here are some features of our bending strength testing machine.

  • Tile Dimensions (600 x 600 or 1000 x 1000 mm)
  • Specialized machines for green or fired ceramic bar
  • Exclusive range for ceramic fire bricks
  • Complies with various parts of ISO regulations
  • Compatible with servo-controlled stabilizers
  • Add-on Software and mechanism to enhance the functioning
  • Automatic operation
  • Test unit selection between KG and KN
  • Security settings like acrylic guard
  • LCD display and digital modeling
  • Accuracy rate of 0.2% of full scale

Note: The features mentioned above might vary from one model to another.

Our Add-Ons

We understand that value that a bending strength testing machine lends to your operation. That is the reason that we test each of our product with strict guidelines and in a dedicated environment. Each machine is electronically calibrated and hand tested under vigilance of a testing supervisor to ensure the accuracy.

Besides offering quality testing machines, we also offer support Software that can help you maneuver expectations from the test for various purposes. The Software is developed to work with almost any computer device to save your time and effort.

We can also incorporate closed-loop mechanisms to enhance the quality of testing. This optional system is able to send feedback on the position of the ceramic while testing. It is a great tool in determining the strength based on the programmable system set-up.

Our Advantage

EIE Instruments Pvt. Ltd. is close to completing a half century in the industry. Over the years, we have gathered extensive experience in all facets involved in creating a bending strength testing machine. We have acquired certifications from organizations of international repute and have a dedicated laboratory for testing all that we provide to you for testing.

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