Ball Release Test Apparatus (Co-efficient of Restitution) - TC-105

Ball Release Test Apparatus (Co-efficient of Restitution) - TC-105

Compliance standards

  • EN ISO 10545-5, IS 13630 (Part-14)


  • Instrument for the determination of the resistance to the impact of the ceramic tiles. Determination of the coefficient of restitution by dropping a steel ball from a fixed height onto the test specimen and measuring the height of rebound.

Optional Accessories

  • Microphone to measure the rebound number (for fully automatic operation)
  • Thermal printer to take on-site readings

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Technical specifications

  • Body structure : Fabricated from mild steel material
  • Paint : Powder coating
  • Steel ball diameters : Chrome steel ball Ø 19 ± 0,05 mm
  • Free fall height of the balls : 1 meter
  • Electrical Timing Device : To measure the interval between 1st and 2nd impact
  • Controller reading : Direct reading in co-efficient of restitution
  • Power Supply : 230 Volts, Single phase, AC Supply