Deep Abrasion Testing Machine Manufacturers

Deep Abrasion Testing Machine Manufacturers

Deep Abrasion Testing Machine

Measuring Resistance to Deep Abrasion Made Simple

EIE Instruments Private Limited takes pride in being a trusted manufacturer of Deep Abrasion testing machines. Our Deep Abrasion Testing Machine, designed to meet compliance standards like EN ISO 10545-6 and IS 13630 (Part-12), is the ideal instrument for determining resistance to deep abrasion. With a focus on simplicity and accuracy, our machine guarantees precise results, enabling you to make informed decisions.

At EIE Instruments Private Limited, we are committed to empowering your projects with the latest measurement solutions. Our Deep Abrasion Testing Machine exemplifies precision, reliability, and efficiency, making it your go-to instrument for determining resistance to deep abrasion. Trust our expertise and innovation, and experience unmatched results with our cutting-edge measurement solutions.

Differentiators of Our Deep Abrasion Testing Machine

We engineer Deep Abrasion Testing Machine to measure the groove length produced on the specimen surface caused by a controlled angular speed disk exerting constant pressure. The instrument ensures that the abrasive material is delivered in a controlled feed between the disc and the specimen, creating consistent and reliable results.

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Versatility With Optional Accessories

For your convenience, we offer optional accessories that enhance the functionality of the Deep Abrasion Testing Machine:

  • Corundum (White Fused Aluminum) (5 kg)
  • Ensure consistent and precise testing with this essential abrasive material.

  • Austrian Granite for Calibration
  • Calibration is crucial for accurate measurements, and our Austrian granite provides the perfect standard for your calibration needs.

  • Modify the Weight with 400 g of Lead
  • It can customize the Weight for specific testing requirements, ensuring flexibility and accuracy.

  • Special-Key for Easy Disk Removal
  • The Special key simplifies the abrasive disk removal process, making maintenance hassle-free.

Features For Seamless Operations

  • User-Friendly and Sturdy Construction
  • Our Deep Abrasion Testing Machine is designed for ease of use and boasts a solid mild steel structure with powder-coating paint, ensuring durability and longevity.

  • Electric Operation
  • With the electric operation, you can rely on consistent and precise results, eliminating the need for manual labor and potential human errors.

  • Electronic Control of Disc Speed
  • The machine offers electronic control of the disc speed, complete with an auto-shut-off feature upon reaching the selected number of revolutions. This intelligent feature ensures efficient testing and prevents unnecessary wear.

  • Adherence to International Standards
  • Our Deep Abrasion Testing Machine strictly abides by listed international standards, guaranteeing accuracy and reliability in every measurement.

Technical Specifications for Superior Performance

  • Diameter of Steel Disc: 200 ± 0.2 mm
  • The thickness of Steel Disc: 10 ± 0.2 mm
  • Material of Steel Disc: Mild Steel
  • Speed of Rotation of Disc: 75 ± 5 rpm
  • Adjustment of Force
  • Easily adjust between 5-20 kgs in steps of 1 kg, providing you with precise control over the test conditions.

  • Electric Motor
  • Our ¼ HP, single-phase AC motor ensures reliable and consistent operation.

  • Electronic Counter
  • The machine facilitates easy tracking and recording of test results with a 3-Digits electronic counter with memory backup.

  • The capacity of the Storage Hopper
  • A 5-liter capacity storage hopper ensures a steady and controlled flow of abrasive material throughout the testing process.

Deep Abrasion Machine for Unglazed Tiles - TC-106

Compliance standards

  • EN ISO 10545-6, IS 13630 (Part-12)


  • Instrument to determine the resistance to Deep abrasion, by measuring the length of the Groove produced on the specimen surface by a disk that turns at controlled angular speed and makes constant pressure onto the specimen. A controlled feed of abrasive material falls between the disc and specimen.

Optional Accessories

  • Corundum (white fused aluminium) (5 kg)
  • Austrian granite for the calibration
  • 400 g of lead to modify the weight
  • special key for removing the abrasive disk


  • Easy to use and with solid construction
  • Electric operation
  • Mild steel structure body with powder coating paint
  • Electronic control of the disc speed with auto shut-off of the instrument at the achievement of the selected number of revolutions
  • Strictly abiding to listed international standards

Technical specifications

  • Diameter of steel disc: 200 ± 0.2 mm
  • Thickness of steel disc: 10 ± 0.2 mm
  • Material of steel disc: Mild steel
  • Speed of rotation of disc: 75 ± 5 rpm
  • Adjustment of force: Adjusted between 5-20 kgs in steps of 1 kg
  • Electric motor: ¼ Hp, single phase, ac motor
  • Counter: 3-Digits electronic counter with memory backup
  • Capacity of storage hopper : 05 Liters