Laboratory Testing Equipment & Instruments Manufacturer

Laboratory Testing Equipment & Instruments Manufacturer

Laboratory Testing Equipment Manufacturer Ahmedabad

Welcome to EIE Instruments Private Limited, the pioneers in designing, developing, and manufacturing an extensive array of top-notch laboratory testing products. Since our establishment in 1978, we have been serving various engineering and academic sectors with precision instruments.

Our wide range of products caters to Material Testing Laboratories for Soil, Cement, and Asphalt, as well as industries like POY, Textiles, Tiles-Ceramic, Cement & Concrete, Healthcare, Pharmaceutical & Microbiology, Hospitals, Medical Colleges, Universities & Research Institutes. With a solid reputation as a trusted name, EIE Instruments Private Limited stands as a verified service provider on Trade India. Our customer-centric approach and pan-India presence ensure seamless access to our quality-assured services. Join hands with us for unparalleled testing excellence.

Laboratory Testing Instruments Manufacturer Ahmedabad

EIE Instruments private limited is a trusted laboratory testing instruments manufacturer in Ahmedabad, India. With a proven track record of excellence, we empower researchers and scientists to boost their efficiency and productivity daily. Our products stand tall with superior quality, precision, and affordability – aligning perfectly with global standards.

At EIE Instruments, we take pride in providing complete solutions and top-notch instruments, elevating India's industries with the precision they demand. Count on us for unmatched products and unwavering after-sales support, backed by our free and unbiased technical assistance. Discover the power of reliable instrumentation today.

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Discover The Reasons to Choose Us

  • State-Of-The-Art Infrastructure
  • Equipped with special CNC machines and heat treatment facilities, our advanced infrastructure ensures high-quality instrument production. Innovation and excellence are at the core of our operations.

  • Decades Of Experience
  • With over two decades of manufacturing gauge instruments, our experienced professionals deliver top-notch solutions and outstanding customer service.

  • Iso Certified
  • Our divisions are certified to ISO standards, guaranteeing precision and adherence to industry best practices.

  • Complete Services for Lab Instruments
  • From unmatched applications and service support to providing consumables and spares at the best rates, we ensure your instruments perform at their best.

  • Improve Instrument Life with Maintenance Contracts
  • Extend the life of your instruments with our comprehensive maintenance contracts backed by our expert service team.

  • Wide Product Range
  • Choose from our diverse analog and digital gauging instruments to meet your specific measurement needs.

  • Customization Options
  • We excel in providing tailored gauging solutions, accommodating the unique requirements of every industry and application.

  • Our Services
  • Validation Services :
  • We excel in providing tailored gauging solutions, accommodating the unique requirements of every industry and application.

  • Calibration Services :
  • With a NABL-accredited in-house Calibration Lab, we calibrate versatile parameters with National & International Traceability for precise and accurate results.

Our Products Portfolio

Manual Universal Gauge (Plucometer) TC-101M Fully Automatic Universal Gauge (Plucometer) TC-101FA Calibrating (Zeroing) Plate - TC-A1 Portable Gauge (Digital Gauge) - TC-102D Water bath for water absorption test (Boiling water method) TC-103
Water bath with Vacuum system for Water Absorption Test - TC-103V MOR Testing machine TC-104 Fire Brick MOR Testing Machine - TC-104(FB) Ball Release Test Apparatus (Co-efficient of Restitution) - TC-105 Deep Abrasion Machine for Unglazed Tiles - TC-106
Surface abrasion testing machine TC-107E4 UV Viewing cabinet (P.E.I. Box) - TC-108 Dilatometer (Determination of Linear thermal expansion) - TC-109 Thermal Shock Tank - TC-110 Moisture Expansion Tester - TC-111 Tiles autoclave TC -112 Frost resistance test apparatus TC-113 Spectrometer
Hot Air-Drying Oven - EIE – 101D Glass / Plastic Desiccator Electronic Balance (200-gram x 1mg) Electronic Balance (1 Kg x 10mg) Chamois Leather Vernier Caliper Gyratory Sieve Shaker Rotap Sieve Shaker
Electromagnetic Sieve Shaker Gloss meter - 60° Head – (Mini) Gloss meter - 60° Head – (PCWI) Reflectance or whiteness meter Muffle furnace Moh’s Hardness Scale Flow Cup Viscometer Density Cup Laboratory Hydraulic Button Press Skid resistance tester
Infra-red moisture balance Fine sieve set Spectrophotometer Flame Photometer Bomb calorimeter (Electronic firing unit with Printer) Rapid Pot Mill – Double Jar With Timer