High Temperature Muffle Furnace Testing Machine

High Temperature Muffle Furnace Testing Machine

Muffle Furnace Testing Machines

Leading Muffle Furnace Testing Machine Manufacturer in India Being the foremost manufacturer of Muffle Furnace Testing Machines in India, EIE leads the market. We craft furnaces using the finest raw materials and cutting-edge technology, adhering to industry standards. With a focus on meeting clients' specific requirements, we offer custom-made units for high-temperature heating applications.

High temperature heating applications demand reliability and efficiency, and our Muffle Furnaces have been the preferred choice for decades. However, with advancements in heating technology and high-quality heating elements, EIE Instruments private limited stands tall as the leading manufacturer and supplier of Muffle Furnace testing machines in Gujarat, India, offering seamless performance at temperatures ranging from 1000 to 2500 degrees Celsius.

High-Temperature Muffle Furnace Machine

In addition to our exceptional Muffle Furnace Testing Machines, we offer high temperature muffle furnace machines for hardening, tempering, and annealing. These furnaces have efficient heaters and insulation, ensuring uniform temperature maintenance. With a focus on maintaining high heating efficiency, EIE's muffle furnaces handle temperature requirements exceeding 1000°C with minimal cross-contamination risks.

As a renowned high temperature muffle furnace machine manufacturer in India, EIE Instruments Private Limited delivers exceptional performance and reliability over extended periods. Our dedication to quality and customer satisfaction has earned us the reputation of being the most renowned high temperature muffle furnace machine manufacturer.

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Salient Features of EIE Muffle Furnaces

  • Ceramic Fiber Wool Insulation
  • It reduces furnace weight and size, enhancing portability and efficiency.

  • Rapid Heat-Up Time
  • Minimizes wait time, improving productivity and time management.

  • Nominal Heat-Loss
  • Ensures optimal power utilization, promoting energy savings.

  • Built-in Vent Port
  • Facilitates the removal of noxious gases, creating a safe testing environment.

  • Calibration Hole with Cover
  • It enables the insertion of temperature sensors for precise calibration.

  • Sturdy Construction
  • CRC sheet is attractively powder-coated for durability and aesthetics.

  • Temperature Control
  • Equipped with a dual-display microprocessor-based digital temperature indicator cum controller, providing accurate and reliable temperature management.

  • Heating Elements
  • Utilizes KANTHAL A-1 wire in coil form, placed in the element's ribs for easy replacement.

  • Circuit Wiring
  • It complies with CE norms for safety and quality assurance.

  • Operation and Sizes:
  • Max Temperature: 1200°C

    Temperature Sensor: K-type sensor

    Power Supply: 220/230 Volts, Single phase, AC Supply

Available in Various Sizes

Inner chamber size (mm) (H x W x D) Power consumption (kW) Approximate Weight (Kgs)
225 x 100 x 100 1.5 60
250 x 125 x 125 2.0 71
300 x 150 x 150 3.0 82
300 x 200 x 200 5.0 115
450 x 225 x 225 6.0 125

Experience The Excellence with EIE Instruments

Experience precise temperature sensing, uniform heat distribution, and accurate test results under Uniform temperatures with our Muffle Furnace Testing Machines. Our PID-controlled temperature settings and high-grade density imported glass wool blanket insulation guarantee maximum thermal efficiency. Equipped with auto-tuning advanced PID controllers and SSR-based heaters, our muffle furnaces offer the ultimate performance and control for your heat treatment experiments.

Muffle Furnace


  • Particle size distribution

Salient Features

  • Ceramic fiber wool insulation to reduce weight and size of furnace.
  • Less heat up time is
  • Nominal heat-loss resulting in power saving
  • Built in vent port for removal of noxious gases etc.
  • Provision of hole with cover in the furnace door to insert temp sensor for calibration purpose
  • Construction : CRC sheet - attractively powder coated
  • Max Temperature : 1200°C
  • Temperature control : Dual display microprocessor based Digital temperature indicator cum controller
  • Temperature Sensor : K - type sensor
  • Heating elements : KANTHAL A-1 wire in coil form placed in the Elements ribs & easily replaceable
  • Circuit Wiring : As per CE Norms
  • Operation on : 220/230 Volts, Single phase, AC Supply
  • Available in following sizes
Inner chamber size (mm)
(H x W x D)
Power consumption (Kw) Approximate Weight (Kgs)
225 x 100 x 100 1.5 60
250 x 125 x 125 2.0 71
300 x 150 x 150 3.0 82
300 x 200 x 200 5.0 115
450 x 225 x 225 6.0 125