Surface Abrasion Testing Machine for Glazed Tiles (For 8 samples)

Surface Abrasion Testing Machine (For 8 samples) - TC-107E8

Compliance standards

  • EN ISO 10545-7, ASTM C1027, IS 13630 (Part-11)


  • To determine the resistance to abrasion on glazing tiles. The ability of glazed tiles to resist surface abrasion, encountered in everyday use, is determined by abrading the glazed surface either with a wet abrasive media or with a dry abrasive media.

Wet abrasive media

  • Steel balls of 1mm - 5mm diameter
  • Aluminum oxide abrasive powder

Dry abrasive media (Optional accessories)

  • Porcelain cylinders
  • Silicon carbide powder

Requirements at operator end

  • Distilled water

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Salient Features

  • Easy to use and with rugged construction
  • Electronically controlled RPM Indications
  • Mild steel structure body with powder coating paint
  • Rotational speed defined and calibrated at 300 RPM
  • Strictly abiding to listed international standards

Technical specifications

  • Diameter of rotating disc : 580 mm
  • Eccentricity of axis of rotation of the disc : 22.5 mm
  • Speed of rotation of disc : 300 ± 10 rpm
  • Max no of test specimens tested at a time : 4 no
  • Inside dia of specimen holding ring : 83 mm
  • Inside height of specimen holding ring : 25.5mm
  • Dist of center of test area from cent of disc : 195 mm
  • Electric Motor : 1/4 HP, Single-phase, 230 Volts, AC
  • Electronic Counter : 4 digits pre-set type electronic counter with memory back up and key-lock reset.