Tiles laboratory testing equipment

Ceramic tiles have found usage in almost all arenas of a house or an office. When the use is versatile, the testing has to match up. EIE Instruments have empowered many businesses to set up their own tile testing laboratory by providing state-of-art tiles laboratory testing equipment. Our equipment can help you look analyze the right aspects of your ceramic tile without hassles of inspecting them.

Our Tiles Laboratory Testing Instruments

We offer an array of ceramic tile testing apparatuses that rely on scientific principles like modulus of rupture and coefficient of restitution.Our range of testing products come in different models with feature variation that can find different uses.

Perfect fit for

  • Impact and skid resistance
  • Bending and flexure
  • Heat and frost resistance
  • Skid and absorb rate
  • Dimension deciphering

Features that shine

  • ISO compliant
  • Made from quality material
  • Automatic and semi-automatic operation
  • Digital display
  • Sleek design and great finish

Our Add-Ons

A ceramic tile testing laboratory needs to have impeccable gadgets to test the dimensions, viscosity, bending strength, and impact resistance. While our tiles laboratory testing equipment takes care of the basic requirement, we surprise our customers with a range of accessories that make testing an effortless task.

Almost all our testing instruments come with an add-on that you can opt for to increase efficiency and stamp the accuracy. The accessories are also a great way of impressing your clients because they get to see all the hi-tech instruments with add-ons that come together to create quality products which will embellish the establishments.

We also offer services that take care of training your staff to be able to deliver the best results with our machine. What more? If you think none of our products suit your requirement, we offer consultation and research services to develop the right kind of product for you within your mentioned timeframe and budget.

Our Advantage

Being a manufacturer is one thing; but being a consultant and R&D partner is another. We offer you the best of both worlds by understanding your requirement, researching the right technology to develop what you want, and finally, manufacture that like a made-to-order product. We have had splendid association over the past and possess the right kind of knowledge to be your laboratory testing instruments supplier.

Contact us today for more details on our products and services, queries, or price quotes at service@eieinstruments.com.

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