Fully Automatic Universal Gauge (Plucometer) TC-101FA

Fully Automatic Universal Gauge (Plucometer) TC-101FA

Compliance standards

  • EN ISO 10545 -2, IS 13630 (Part 1)


  • For measurement of Length/width, Surface flatness, Warapge, Orthogonality and straightness of sides of tiles samples.


Entire setup comprises of two different instruments as per following

  • Tiles surface flatness and warpage measurement apparatus
  • Tiles straightness of sides and Tiles rectangularity (Orthogonality) test apparatus

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Key Features

  • One single instrument can make all the measurements – Rectangularity (Orthogonality), Flatness, Warpage & Straightness of sides as suggested by the standard.
  • 06 different digital LVDT Transducers to offer precise and accurate measurement results with very little deviation factor.
  • Simple, easy and less time consuming LVDT fixing system.
  • Readings from all 06 LVDT transferred to central controlled display screen, where an operator can analyse the generated results in 06 different channels.
  • An operator can make easy & effortless comparison between each of the generated readings.
  • Tare facility for each LVDT is available in respective controller channel.
  • Accuracy : ± 0.01 mm (1/100 mm)
  • Can measure : 100 x 100 to 600 x 600 mm tile sizes
  • Supplied complete with locating studs and Allen keys
  • Aluminum Ergal hard anodized ground working plate
  • Stainless Steel/Mild Steel Supporting structure
  • System can also be supplied with dedicated software part for data acquisition and analysis purpose (Available at extra cost - see optional accessories)

Description of Data Acquisition Software

  • Software in a Windows environment with guided installation instructions.
  • Can operate in all versions of Windows operating system except Windows 98, Windows 2000 and DOS System.
  • An operator can customize company information and logos as per his requirement
  • An operator can also customize and create test reports complying with EN ISO standards.
  • User can also create, display and print charts of all measurements made.
  • Attractive and intuitive graphics to make usage easy.
  • A single window on software screen with 6 virtual displays for reading comparator (Digital Gauge) information  in real time.

Selection Guide

Model No Accommodates Tile size
TC-101-FA60 600 X 600 MM Tiles
TC-101-FA80 800 X 800 MM Tiles
TC-101-FA100 1000 X 1000 MM Tiles
TC-101-FA120 1200 X 1200 MM Tiles

FA: Fully Automatic